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The longest running fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University, hosted by SPIRIT--a multicultural organization that aims to champion black awareness. We are the platform for the multicultural creative, the space for the individual model, the stage for the enthusiastic performer. We are the vibrant, the beauty in the margin, the inclusive light.

All shades are welcome here.    


Sfs 30 - Resistance

RESISTANCE is a means of challenging the existing paradigm. Prejudice is not present at birth, yet as we age, extrinsic rules take hold and we fall into compliance in defining what is acceptable and beautiful. Today’s society is riddled with intolerance in the form of racism, misogyny and homophobia just to name a few. It has become normal to be marginalized. RESISTANCE is a renaissance - a revival of change and the start of a conversation within the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Organized by Carnegie Mellon University’s SPIRIT, the school’s multicultural black awareness organization, RESISTANCE is the 30th installment in a long line of fashion shows. This show will emphasize that beauty has no standard in shape, size, color, hair or orientation, while giving students, designers and boutiques an opportunity to showcase their work. It is impossible to go through life without Resisting.


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